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The Work

“It takes guts, perseverance, and integrity to write a memoir. It isn’t easy work, but in collaboration, it becomes possible and fun. We discover and express your voice, vision, and story in the most creative and enjoyable way for you and for the benefit of your readers.”

Delivery Girl by Brielle Walker & Gina Walker2016-11-08T13:05:18-08:00
From Immigrant to Innovator: The Vision, Work and Legacy of Adolf Schoepe Written by Charles F. Queenan and Susan Stroh2016-11-08T13:05:52-08:00
Jess Tyree, Legend, Still Racing Still Winning2016-11-08T13:11:06-08:00
Papaw, Glimpses of a Wonderful Life2016-11-08T13:11:53-08:00
“I watched Susan, who flew to Tennessee to write a memoir of my dad, engage with my father and get him to open up and talk about things from WWII that none of the family had ever heard. Since then, I have witnessed Susan working with people from all walks of life. She has the unique ability to relate to them on such a level that they open up and really give of themselves. She is marvelous!”
Karen Brannon


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New Appreciation of Home

A friend of mine, born and raised in Hawaii, but now living and working locally as a contractor, went to get an EKG recently. The technician delivering the test had just returned from a holiday in the South Seas. Naturally gregarious and well traveled, my friend engaged him in conversation. The technician told how he and his technician wife have work that’s intense, demanding and precise. Desperately needing to get away from the traffic, electronics, [...]

Shakespeare and Company

In Shakespeare & Company, the famous bookstore in Paris, I saw a sign on the wall, on which is written some words by Anais Nin, a French author famous for 60 years’ worth of journals, Nin wrote: “We write to taste life twice.” That is what my siblings and I did every Monday morning by phone for about a year. I called my sister in New York and she conferenced in my [...]

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