What do women “of a certain age” want?  They want to feel valuable—to their loved ones, their work groups, and communities—they want to feel connected and whole, healthy, and hopeful.  Too often, though, women going through perimenopause, menopause or the years that are post menopause, feel lonely, not whole, and often, not hopeful  That is where Full Bloom, written by Victoria J. Mondloch, M.D., in collaboration with Susan B. Stroh comes to the rescue. Through dozens of case studies, this book is a revelation.

It contains the ground-breaking truth about a woman’s hormones and health and how to enhance one’s health and life by balancing all the hormones in all body systems.  Dr. Mondloch, an award-winning wellness physician/OB-GYN, has put forth her research and experience to shape this exceptionally reliable work.

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