Dancing Above Gravity! by Susan Stroh


This novella is a rescue and rehabilitation story about a teenaged runaway. Originally this was included as a companion piece to the book Change Your Postures, Change Your Life (see health books) co-written by Susan Stroh and Chiropractor Dr. Mike Spearman

Fabulous Fifth by Irene M Lane


In this humorous, inspiring book, Fabulous Fifth, teacher Irene M. Lane combines her fifth graders’ uncorrected letters with her stories about the adventures and antics that took place in her amazing classroom. Fabulous Fifth is a revelation of original approaches to learning—making it fun while instilling values and study habits, manners and a spirit of [...]

Coming to Terms by Peggy Cochran Spear


“Peggy Cochran Spear spent her childhood pretending nothing was wrong. From the locked wards of her mother’s mental illness, to her own loneliness and longing for permanence, Spear peels back the layers of loss to reveal the saving riches of friendship, family and a first rate education. This brave, powerful memoir reads like my favorite [...]

Delivery Girl by Brielle Walker & Gina Walker


Delivery Girl tells the true story from two perspectives: that of daughter and mother, starting with seventeen year-old Brielle’s supernatural awakening and how it came to affect the relationships within her family and with those around her. For more than a decade, Gina watched her daughter struggle with an unconventional gift. While it has [...]

From Immigrant to Innovator: The Vision, Work and Legacy of Adolf Schoepe Written by Charles F. Queenan and Susan Stroh


A century-long journey of a German farm-boy, born in 1904, who builds an empire in the United States, and inspires thousands; including loyal employees, vendors, customers and family. Susan took an existing company history and created a memoir out  of it, interviewing many, culling through boxes of photographs, transcribing old videotaped interviews with the subject, [...]

Stepping Stones by Joseph Unis


A story entirely unique yet universal, told with humor and enduring love, Stepping Stones explores how our roots define us, even when we believe we have broken free. (Joe Unis’s parents and ancestors are from Lebanon.) Susan helped Dr. Unis conceive, structure, write and edit the manuscript. She then led her team in the [...]

Me by Karen Neiuber


In this book, also developed in our Memoir workshop, Karen writes to her grandchildren; "I have written this book so you can see how humor has colored my perception and enriched my life. I want you to see me as a person that has embraced life and lives full-on without regret. I want you to [...]

Jess Tyree, Legend, Still Racing Still Winning


This coffee-table, photo-journalistic book takes one on a journey through the fascinating life and career of a wonderful man and ace drag-racer who at 78 years-old was still racing, still winning! This exciting book had a special printing for sale for fans at drag-races and as gifts for his sponsors, family and friends. [...]

Papaw, Glimpses of a Wonderful Life


Born in Tellico Plains near Coker Creek, Wail Dalton learned how to thrive in the mountains of Appalachia. He learned how to track animals and hunt, derive medicines from herbs and plants, make his own huts, whips, whistles and slingshots. He learned how to play baseball using bats he fashioned from young ash trees. [...]

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