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The Work

“It takes, guts, perseverance and integrity to write a memoir, it is not a process for sissies! It is my mission, that in collaboration; we discover and express your voice, vision and story in the most creative and enjoyable way possible for the benefit of your readers.” Susan Stroh

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“I watched Susan, who flew to Tennessee to write a memoir of my dad, engage with my father and get him to open up and talk about things from WWII that none of the family had ever heard. Since then, I have witnessed Susan working with people from all walks of life. She has the unique ability to relate to them on such a level that they open up and really give of themselves. She is marvelous!”
Karen Brannon


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On Memoir

Memory curls towards you, a wisp of smoke from the chimney of a distant house as you crunch over frozen snow. Attracted by its dance, you are drawn to the stone house, where windows on the top floor are darkened in mystery. The ground floor promises a single light. You enter and the warmth of it, the hearth in winter, surrounds you—embers bursting here and there into tiny teasing flames.  You gaze, trancelike, and let [...]

Behind the Impassioned Pen – Storytelling is Compelling

On my first solo train ride at age eleven, I itched for more adventure than visiting a relative in Virginia would most likely provide.  Little did I know that adventure approached me in the person of a fascinating Russian woman who boarded at South Station.  After heaving a bulging suitcase into the overhead rack, she squeezed into the seat next to me.  She wore a faded, flower-print scarf over wiry grey curls that sprang from the [...]

Greetings from the Western Slope of Colorado!

Let me take you down a country lane to an old stone and stucco farm house surrounded by 150 acres or so of fields, barns and outbuildings, tractors and other farming implements, a huge area where they raise trout, rolls of golden hay out back, milk cows, horses pasturing on the other side of the railroad tracks, pigs in the pen and 3 cats put in a huge cage for the occasion.  [...]

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