Growing Up Baldwin


Structured, narrated, and edited by Susan Baldwin Stroh When our sister Meredith was diagnosed with leukemia, my siblings and I felt a strong urge collect our memories of family life while growing up in Scarsdale, New York. Our other treasured sister, Shirley, had died from leukemia some years earlier. We had few, if any, [...]

Going Deep by Claude-Marie Halbritter Baldwin Vos


Going Deep first chronicles the difficulties of wartime, personal ill treatment, and family dysfunction that would be overcome with the great and unwavering love of her Grannie, with the help of an excellent education, travel, and most of all by her spiritual journey over decades. She loved every moment of her Summers [...]

Right Place, Right Time! by Stanley A. Moe


What do the Cairo Airport, Denver's Mile High Stadium and Pasadena's prestigious Ambassador Auditorium have in common? Stanley A. Moe (and the architectural firm he helped grow into a global powerhouse: DMJM/AECOM) This memoir is Stan's story and what a storyteller he is! His adventures are like no other. And he shares them through [...]

In Search of William Wolfskill: Journey to Find the Legacy by Conchita Thornton Marusich


In her book, In Search of William Wolfskill: Journey to Find the Legacy, Conchita Thornton Marusich writes about the adventures of her trailblazing great-great-grandfather, William Wolfskill. His historic journeys over the Santa Fe Trail in 1822 and the Old Spanish Trail in 1830 are packed with exciting stories as he made his way westward [...]

Becoming Lee, a Memoir by Lee Jackman


“I helped shepherd and edit this book in my memoir workshop. It is close to my heart because the often humorous, poignant stories were evolved from her “ethical will,” a document that contained values handed down to her grand-children. The book is enormously entertaining and inspiring.” Susan Stroh Available on Amazon [...]

Why You No Scream Viva, My Big Mexican Adventure That Taught Me How to Live, Love, and Laugh Again by Brooke Martellaro


The book chronicles the often hilarious adventures Brooke Martellaro experiences after her life was rocked by the unexpected departure of her life partner. Travel with Brooke to the enchanting Playa del Carmen in Mexico where she learns that "to scream viva" means to find the courage to look for love again, make big decisions even [...]

Loving Dangerously by Lynda Hubbard


“Loving Dangerously is a fascinating true story of self-discovery and maturation on her travels through Nepal at aged twenty in the seventies.  Accompanied by an ever present sketchpad and enthusiasm born of youth, Lynda inspires in the reader fears for her safety as she encounters frightening people and situations, and relief as she grows in [...]

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