Going Deep first chronicles the difficulties of wartime, personal ill treatment, and family dysfunction that would be overcome with the great and unwavering love of her Grannie, with the help of an excellent education, travel, and most of all by her spiritual journey over decades.

She loved every moment of her Summers spent with her English relatives in their manor house just as she was fascinated by her year spent in New York as an exchange student. A year or so later, joyful, she tells of the miracle of finding Christ while hiking in the mountains of Switzerland. A few years later that her tale takes us to a small town in NY State where she and her pastor husband serve in a small parish, and she learns what it is like to be a 22-year-old Swiss woman in the role of a minister’s wife in small-town America.

Then, for 3 years they lived in a vibrant Christian community in Switzerland. The story only increases in layering when for 19 years they enjoyed a good fit at a church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Claudie taught French at Calvin University while raising three children and obtaining a Ph.D. Years later Claudie studied in Israel, Italy, and Switzerland to become a healing prayer minister. Claudie and her second husband have welcomed many people into their homes for healing prayer over 25 years.