In her book, In Search of William Wolfskill: Journey to Find the Legacy, Conchita Thornton Marusich writes about the adventures of her trailblazing great-great-grandfather, William Wolfskill. His historic journeys over the Santa Fe Trail in 1822 and the Old Spanish Trail in 1830 are packed with exciting stories as he made his way westward towards California. He settled in the small town of Los Angeles in 1831 and became a leading citizen. The book combines two stories. The first part of every chapter is Williams’s story, which recounts his amazing life. The second part of every chapter tells about Conchita’s journey of discovery as she and her husband, Rich, retraced William Wolfskill’s footsteps. The book is a fascinating, in-depth look at William Wolfskill—western pioneer and legend of early California. Susan Stroh worked with Conchita as developmental editor at the beginning or her project to help evolve the structure.