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Sunny Blues  By Susan Stroh I look out my kitchen window, eating blueberries from Chile, trying to imagine what it might be like to gather blueberries there, but I can’t get a mental picture.  I feel sad eating out of a plastic box.   I’m over three thousand miles and too many years away from my [...]

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War Hero Teaches from the Heart Bill was the California relative with the biggest laugh, the one with a great appetite for celebration.  Although always trim, family members who showed up four times a year to share holidays with huge meals, kidded him for the amount of food he could consume—going back for thirds and [...]

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HELLO SOMEBODY! Reverend Alfreddie Johnson--Carrying on King’s Work By Susan Stroh Say you were a gang member in South Central, Los Angeles, and you didn’t think you would be alive in six months.  Why would you want to go to school, get a job or live an honest life?  Let’s say your parole officer made [...]

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Destination Nicaragua: Tranquility in an Old Trouble Spot By Susan B. Stroh   San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, November “The rainy season’s over,” they said.  But that hadn’t stopped the torrential rain from pounding the roof of the Hotel Isabella as I fell asleep the night before. The next morning finds us on an unpaved jungle [...]

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Creating an Inspired Life: Art & Intuition By Susan Stroh Your life can be your greatest work of art. You, the artist, can create your life as a work of beauty and inspiration! Despite the grand image, all too often we find ourselves in a rut, held down by the mundane or simply stuck in [...]

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The New Writing Partnership: How to Make it Work for You By Susan B. Stroh & Heide P. Boyden *   It’s Saturday night and you’re all alone!  You should be writing but who’s going to know if you watch reruns of The Brady Bunch instead.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a relationship like all those [...]

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